Through the fog

Soon, the fog consumed all that was visible. Gray was only visible, one could wonder where the sun went. The ground was muddy from the night before, and the temperature around me must of went down 10 degrees Fahrenheit in those 5 minutes of I being there. I couldn’t go any further, because what was ahead? Actually, where was ahead? Lost in fog. I couldn’t see. I had to retreat back.





Thought I should add some photographs from a recent hike and walk I had last Monday. I actually wanted to jog but because of the pack I had on my hip, I couldn’t. It kept sliding back and forth, and it wasn’t the best bag to secure my camera gear.

I went pretty late in the morning, but somehow there was still fog up the hill from where I live. It seemed to be going away, but once I climbed this horse trail, it seemed to come right back at me, as if the fog was interested in me.

Soon, when I was up there, I couldn’t see. I saw no more than 10 feet ahead of me. I knew where the trail went, but if I went I know I would be covered in mud. I could of also slipped going down on the other end. The inclined plane down is so steep, it would of been a slip and slide of me, and mud.

I’m glad I carry a camera with me, where ever I go and not just a cell phone camera. You never know what you will see when your out in the world.

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