Death is inevitable


On Wednesday, I covered a memorial on campus (Sonoma State)for a student who passed away in his sleep recently.

It was probably both one of the most heart-warming and depressing experiences I have had. There had to be over 800 people in attendance; from family members of the deceased to friends and class mates.


Even though I never met the student who passed, there’s a bond created when covering stories like these.

Researching whom the person was, interviewing friends and relatives whose lives he was a part of, photographing loved ones in such a dark hour of their lives. After all this, understanding you won’t ever meet the person. They have passed, they no longer walk this earth with you.

Just some thoughts, and a way for me to debrief what happened last night.


Something I wrote last night

Death is unavoidable, I stand here reporting on another memorial, another death. I am unsure why I always agree with covering death.

It eats me from the inside, even when the death is of someone I never knew or met.

I don’t get to speak to him, but I get to speak to his loved ones who were there in memory.

I see everyone in this dark time during their lives and I become a part of it.

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