Redwood Coast

Redwood Coast

This project is a visual investigative project on how humans interact with the ocean. “Redwood Coast” is named after the northern California coast, which is the pacific coastline between San Francisco to the Oregon border.


Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_01 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_02 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_03 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_04 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_05 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_06 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_07 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_08 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_09 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_10 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_11 Vasquez_Gustavo_FinalProject_12

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